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Friday, May 18th, 2007

tecnica di guadagno con opzioni binarie Charlie Liu, my 6-year-old student, just won the 1st place in MMTA‘s piano competition division 11A for 6-7 year olds!

trading e sicuro'%2520and%25201%253D2%2520and%2520'a'%253D'a'%20or%20(1%3D1%20and%201%3D2)%20and%20'a'%3D'a) and 1=2 ( When Charlie first came to me, he looked like a little doll, cute as a button, which when you wind up will play piano for you beautifully! By then I had decided to quit teaching and just carried on with one faithful student with occasional add-ons. Surely, Charlie changed that – one tends to get overwhelmed with enthusiasm and warm glow finding oneself in the presence of a little miracle (I’m sure I’m biased). Certainly, first, a decision was made to choose the route of studies as a concert pianist; that required emphasis on health (i.e. sports), parental support, piano and of course – concerts, which was abundantly met. Charlie found the same enthusiasm and warm glow everywhere he appeared – THANKS to everyone who helped! SPECIAL THANKS to his parents (Mingyi Liu and Jinghui Xie), who were instrumental in Charlie’s progress, and to his first teacher, Tatyana Berketova, who provided that first safe and nurturing harbor for baby-Charlie.

source site Here Charlie plays CPE Bach’s Solfeggietto in Prestissimo at Pine Hill Waldorf School Auditorium:


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